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SWEATER_05.2 - Unisex Sweater


This cool motif is a great alternative to the everyday standard. This sweater is also perfect as a gift. We offer quality goods at the highest level. Uniform colours in all men's, women's and children's sizes. Durable fabric quality: 350g/m² Material: 85% organic cotton / 15% recycled polyester. After your order has been placed, your product will be produced exclusively for you immediately and shipped within two working days. Thus each customer receives an individual piece and we also protect the environment, as we only produce when the product is ordered. The fashionable and airy alternative: This unisex sweatshirt scores in terms of classic design despite modern look. It is an alternative to the classic hoodie and is especially suitable for the transitional season, no matter whether it's for over- or underwear.
80% Cotton / 20% Polyester